Welcome to Payment Matters

Payments are ubiquitous and a competitive differentiator.  Customer expectation is escalating spurred by technology, innovation & regulation. Anticipating customer needs and delivering propositions that exceed expectation supported by a compelling Thought Leadership programme is critical for success.

Delivering Value Based on
Customer Needs

Identifying, Quantifying and Analysing Customer Needs


Listening to customers and shaping high quality commercial propositions is at the heart of Payment Matters. Creating the right environment to identify and quantify customer needs by structured interaction such as C Level workshops or targeted one to one activity is essential; probing to understand what customers value together with what causes friction or aspects of propositions that are missing is key.

Customer insight that has commercial value is achieved by working with an inspiring payments expert who has deep understanding and experience of market complexity, drivers and participants.

Gathering, structuring and analysing customer insight is the cornerstone of high quality propositions and achieving win / win outcomes.